Regardless of data collection method, we pay strict attention to quality control and accuracy. Standard policies help ensure the lowest response bias possible as well as accuracy in respondent selection and recording of responses. Highly trained and fully experienced field coordinators work with interviewers and recruiters to guarantee the high level of quality we demand.
It should be noted that the code of ethics under which Research365 operates provides that unless a survey is undertaken, or unless research intelligence presented to Client has been paid for, all such documentation and all information contained therein remain the property of Research365 and as such their contents cannot be revealed or used without express permission from us



  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Extended / In Depth Interviews (EDIs/IDIs)


  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Online Interviews (in Internet Cafes)
  • Product Testing (in hall test / in home placement)
  • Advert / Concept Evaluation (in hall)
  • Customer Intercept
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM)
  • Media Survey



  • Desk Research
  • Mystery Shopping

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